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There is a lot of happiness, peace, and quality samba in this “village”. This is a place where the music and poetry from our roots take place, where its goal is to live and give people the most beautiful samba from our roots!

Catraca Livre’s main mission is to use communication to empower citizens. Empowerment is translated in our journalism, in the search of gathering as much information as possible that shows quality and accessible opportunities, virtual and in person, in every area of human activity: from culture, to health and mobility until education and leisure.

We especially focus on culture by selecting daily the best cultural events in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. By approaching education, work, health, and entrepreneurship, we reveal characters, trends, and projects that, in any part of the world, inspire innovative and inclusive community solutions.We want to help cities to be better educated, welcome, and creative.

As we bet on how witty the community is, the selection of the news we chose is complemented by hundreds of people registered on our network.


Itau Cultural is an organization focused on research and content production, mapping, incentive and diffusion of artistic-intellectual manifestations. Therefore, it contributes to the value of a culture of a complex and heterogeneous society such as the Brazilian one. 

When we consider culture as an essential tool to build the identity of a country and an effective means to promote citizenship, since 1987 Itau Cultural seeks to democratize and promote social participation.

Programs such as “Rumos” reaffirms our mission and our purpose, puting us between the most important cultural initiatives in the country. 

In 2019, Itau Cultural integrated the foundation Itaú para Educação e Cultura, aiming to guarantee even more the perpetuity and the legacy of its actions in the cultural world, increasing and strengthening its purpose of inspiring the creative power to transform people.


Here on Hypeness, we are moved by innovation and creativity.We create, innovate, and inspire. This cycle feeds our work and the essence of our mission, which is to incentivize, value ideas, and spread inspiration. 


We believe that CREATIVITY is a powerful tool to transform contexts and solve problems. There is no INNOVATION without creativity, and without innovation the world cannot change.